Suivez le courant Lévis

Immersive concept for the launch of a new brand image

n 2018, the City of Lévis adopted a territorial marketing strategy and, to mark the occasion, it organized a launch evening that was anything but ordinary. In collaboration with Gestev, MATIÈRS created a unique moment to highlight the city’s appeal and foster a sense of belonging among the Lévis community.

The launch was held in a conference room at the convention and exhibition centre, which had been completely transformed for the occasion.

The concept was immersive, and guests were invited to enter the room “following the current” of an imaginary river. Fog special effects, soundscapes and an immersive decor helped create a highly innovative sensory and experiential concept.

Year: 2018

Location: Lévis

Client: City of Lévis / Gestev


Design, direction and staging: MATIÈRS, in collaboration with Gestev

Sound design: Mathieu Robineau

Set design and lighting: Pier-Luc Boucher

Production: Gestev


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